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"Over a few years pain had progressively gone all over my body and my energy level kept getting lower and lower.  I got to a point where I could barely walk more than a couple steps. I had severe diarrhea, would forget things, and had night sweats.  The pain was so bad that it would wake me in the night and I couldn't get back to sleep. I had dizziness and headaches. The doctors performed many tests and MRI's.  They discovered spinal degeneration and disc bulges, low blood count and said I had inflammation.  They diagnosed me with fibromyalgia several years before I saw Dr. Price.  Dr. Price did a very thorough exam and discovered things I never knew.  Dr. Price treated my whole body.  It took some time but I have since made very good progress.  Pain has decreased, my energy level is way up and I can walk, go to the mailbox, shop and take care of things. Fibromyalgia is reversible, just like Dr. Price said.  Yeahhhhh!"
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Reverse Fibromyalgia Dr Kirk Price a Natural Healthcare Provider, not practicing as a chiropractor Springfield, IL
Call 217-787-9300 SPRINGFIELD, IL New treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, 2621 Montega Dr. Springfield IL 62704
"My fibromyalgia caused migraines were on my left side of my face and behind my left eye.  I also had very bad jaw pain.  I went to many different MD's and chiropractors with only temporary relief.  Dr. Price's treatment is really different from any other doctor I've ever been to.  Now my migraines and jaw pain and fibromyalgia are gone.  Don't give up hope no matter what is going on or what treatment you have tried.  Call Dr. Price today."
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